The found object plays an important role in my work. they become the center of attention in the finished work because the ideas that they inspire inform all the others elements of the work. When I walk into a Pawnshop, I'm like a kid in a Candy store. All of the objects I find there have a past - a story to tell. This is where memories are left to rot. I try to relate my ideas with the objects obtained from these stores. The inspiration I get from an object or objects fuel new insights and a new story or idea will begin to develop. I am also inspired by Pop art subject matter and like to use Pre-fabricated moulds because they are also evocative of nostalgia as well as having a manufactured, kitsch appeal.

I combine these objects using the following processes: original mould slip casting, pre-fab mould slip casting, hand-building with the use of ceramic tiles (made or bought) and found objects. To achieve my desired objective I use a variety of commercial glazes ranging in temperature and texture with homemade glaze recipes, washes of cryolite, soda ash, silicon carbide, occasionally lustres and at time spray paint. I multi-fire my work, sometimes to twenty firings, to achieve the desired effect. Each firing creates new information that enhances the piece and informs future work.

The challenge for me is pairing and combining these different found or slip-cast objects together even if they do not conceptually belong together. This juxtaposition of the slip-cast objects and hand-made elements express a visual pun, a social or political commentary or personal outlook on life.